Saturday, November 7, 2009

The Devil that is Facebook

In Feb 4 2009 the new TOS of the Facebook social network were released. Those who created accounts during and after that day have accepted those terms. Those who had accounts before the new terms took place, had their accounts to retroactively agree to them.


Here is a very informative article that discusses the new TOS

Also,Here you can see criticism on Facebook, which i now a multi billion dollar corporation.

What can you do to protect your privacy:

a) Backup every single thing you uploaded, whether it's a picture, video, or text that may have any value. Facebook has the right to Sell it without asking your permission. If you have it backed up, you can at least stand a chance in court, if the worst happens.

b) Watch what you say, watch what you allow others to see. Your employer knows Facebook exists. They are very likely to Search for you and look for an excuse to not hire you, or lay you off.

c) Make your profile as Personal as possible to browsers and people you don't know or trust. A very nice guideline on how to do this, can be found Here:

2 comments: said...

Oh, this is news to me. Good piece of information here. TQ

Antares said...

Facebook, Mahatma Gandhi, Mother Teresa and the New Age Movement have one thing in common: you can't label them as "evil" and neither can you ignore an uneasy sense that they aren't really as "good" as they seem. For a lot of us, our Facebook "lives" are becoming more active and dynamic than our physical realities - and yet it's hard to contemplate deleting our accounts, because 80% of our social interactions now occur within the virtual clubhouse called Facebook! Thus far, the corporate hustlers behind Facebook appear to be mainly interested in playing virtual dominance games in cyberspace and raking in as much money as they can. But I can see what a useful database Facebook has become for cybersleuths who know how to sneak pass digital sentries. It doesn't worry me personally, though, simply because I realize there's absolutely nothing to fear except fear itself... and that the Darkness is ultimately just our own Shadow :-)

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